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My Story and Journey

which is and always has been my passion….

FROM THE AGE OF 30 YEARS old, AFTER HAVING MY CHILDREN and receiving my first salary I decided to treat myself to my first facial. I met this wonderful person Lillian Terry who was passionate about looking after skin and wellbeing.  I was drawn to her like a magnet and started my journey to obtain as much knowledge as I could.

Although in those days it was a luxury but every month I felt so good for weeks thereafter enjoying the transformation of my skin; Lillian Terry, my therapist had healing hands and introduced me to Finger techniques to apply to your skin for blood circulation with natural oils which I still use today.

Caring for your skin, hair feeling good became my passion. Lillian was my mentor in the Beauty World, and I was so blessed with her knowledge. Her legacy lives on as Lillian International and I was privileged to be part of that.

Health and Nutrition

I then became so interested in every article related to health and nutrition. And pursed this as being part of my passion

My daughter who has supported me throughout my journey has shared the experience I passed on to her and others who have since benefitted.

I recently found COLLAGEN to be the fountain of youth. I sourced every article I could and spoke to professionals.  I then was introduced to PeptiPlus Pure Collagen made from Bovine, grass fed in Brazil supported by GELITA Factory worldwide.

PeptiPlus Pure Hydrolysate Collagen with 18 Amino Acids has helped me personally with my skin, nails, and hair and most of all my joints and injuries.

I had a back fusion in March 2020 and now 5 months later I have recovered. I started taking the Collagen long before with advice from my doctor and this together with my normal supplements meant a complete recovery in a very short period of time.

I am always sceptical on what to buy and take before I have done my homework.  All it took was 30g daily of the powder either in plain water or any form of liquid, alternatively in smoothies, yogurt or sprinkle over food daily.

Grow old gracefully with dignity is my MOTTO.

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