Our Cleansing Cloths removes make up using only lukewarm water and the cloth! This amazing cleansing cloth removes all impurities, eg: face paints, stubborn dirt etc. off the skin with just lukewarm water and the cloth, no chemicals needed.

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The Cleansing Cloth is designed for all general skincare needs. It is re-usable, machine washable, anti bacterial and cost effective, eco-friendly and lasts for +- 1000 washes. It is soft, gentle, soothing and chemical free, so it can be used for all skin types.

It cleanses, exfoliates, removes stubborn make-up, kiddies face paints, hair dye, stubborn dirt and excess oils with just lukewarm water and the cleansing cloth. No additional chemicals are needed, therefore retaining the skin's natural PH balance, leaving it soft, cleansed and rejuvenated and it’s amazing for sensitive skin types!

Due to the fact that there is a plastic content in our cloths they are anti bacterial – as bacteria does not grow on plastic.

The re-sealable bag makes our cloths ideal for travelling and cleansing on the go!


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